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Items listed here will govern all cell activity and be enforced to the fullest extent possible. The law title will be in bold followed by a description, and then a punishment code for enforcement guidelines in handling violations.

CODE OF CONDUCT: even though Rifters are a often involved in private enterprise a governing code of conduct must be kept between all members which will provide members with Faction wide Rifter support to any conflict that arises. Violations will result in varying penalties depending on the type of violation.

- Scamming/Scam Artist: Any scamming or false deals to trick someone out of assets through bad trade will be dealt with accordingly. Scamming a RIFTER (A-3, A-5), Scamming Using the RIFTERS name (A-3, A-5),

work in progress


RIFTER "Cell" TAX: 10% of CELL PROFITS (A-1)

PRODUCTION COST: must be immediately paid to the Faction before assets are made over to the "Cell Boss"


A-1:]Violator will be given a Warning from the Archon or Understudy to cease such activity immediately, and will be given the chance to rectify the violation immediately.

A-2: Violator will be Fined

A-3: Violator will be arrested and held for trial
   A-3a: One week Prison Sentence
   A-3b: Two week Prison Sentance
   A-3c: One month Prison Sentance


A-5: Execution (Treason, Backstabbing, Theft of Faction Assets, Espionage)


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